Discover a Simpler, Smarter Way to Manage Google Shopping

Automated Creation of Your Shopping Campaign Structure

Don't waste time on iterative tasks. Whoop! builds you a product-centric Google Shopping campaign structure - and updates it daily. Choose the structuring model that best fits your business needs.

Predictive Bid Management for Google Shopping

Understand the sales potential of every single product with the help of a Predictive Bidding algorithm, specifically designed for Google Shopping.

Whoop! enables the prediction of future revenue and ROAS potential for each and every product. Based on historical performance data, Whoop! uncovers hidden relations between more than 100 product attributes and their sales potential. Even for your long tail.

Advanced Bid Strategies: Define Your Custom Google Shopping Strategy

A new, better way to manage Google Shopping. When the need arises, be prepared: set highly-targeted bid strategies to optimize specific areas of your assortment and boost your Google Shopping performance in line with your goals.

With Advanced Bid Strategies, Whoop! gives you the toolset to master challenges you weren't able to take on before.

Advanced Bid Strategies in Detail

Choose Between Dynamic Strategies or Individual Product Plans

Define bid strategies for single products, specific brands, or any combination of Brand & Category & Custom Labels. New products matching the defined profile will be automatically included in the strategy.


Adjust or prioritize your existing strategy with a single click. If a product falls under more than one strategy, you can decide which strategy to apply first.


You can implement new strategies with just a few clicks - quick and painless.

A Must for Agencies! - Multi-Account Center

Manage the Google Shopping campaigns of all your customers from a single dashboard. Don't waste time logging in and out of different accounts - keep track of your clients' performance with ease.

Data Privacy and Protection - We Keep Your Information Secure

Cybersecurity is at the front of everyone's mind - ours too. We respect our customer’s privacy and keep your data safe and secure.

We make it a top priority to take our users’ security and privacy concerns seriously. We ensure that user data is kept secure and we collect only the personal data required to provide our services in an effective manner. Our goal is to make sure your Whoop! experience is safe, secure, and seamless.

We utilize some of the most advanced technology that is available:

  • All resources of Whoop! are served securely via HTTPS, which forces
    an encrypted connection to and from the Whoop! servers.
  • Constant updates and monitoring of our entire IT infrastructure.
  • Evidentially secure data storage centers in the European Union.
  • We can guarantee 99% server/service uptime.
  • We only use encrypted backups for all Whoop! customer data.
  • Whoop! supports the Google OAuth 2.0 authentication system, which is proven to be highly secure.

The Whoop! Road Map

A rapidly evolving platform to excel in a dynamic environment - developed by experts.
See which innovations we've already implemented and which ground-breaking capabilites are coming soon.


  • Bid Strategies

    Thanks to the easy to use strategies, you can set bids on your entire product range, to achieve the maximum potential of your campaigns. You can choose between 3 strategies for your product assortment: ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend), CRR (Cost Revenue Ration) or CPA (Cost per Action). We are currently working on adding more strategies for your use.

  • Advanced Bid Strategies

    Advanced Bid Strategies give you the option to apply different strategies to different categories of your product range.
    They enable you to set different targets for each of your product categories.

  • Multi Account Center

    The Multi Account Center enables you to manage multiple Whoop!-Accounts and switch between them easily.
    This feature is especially useful for Agencies who manage multiple customers.


  • Mobile Modifiers

    Soon Whoop! will make it possible to set mobile bid modifiers on a daily basis to further enhance your performance.

  • Shopping Reporting

    Extensive Reporting Tool to better monitor your Google Shopping Performance and enabling you to act on trends.

  • Enhancing our Advanced Bid Strategies

    Extension of the current Advanced Bid Strategies (Graphs, performance statistics, better usability)

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