Predictive Bid Management for Google Shopping

Set Automated Bids for Each of Your Products and Unlock the Full Potential of Google Shopping.

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Changing the Way of Managing Google Shopping

Whoop! helps you to automatically build, manage and optimize your Google Shopping campaigns. Based on a predictive algorithm, Whoop! enables individual evaluation of your products.

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Automated Ad Creation and optimization - faster and easier than ever before. Leave all worries about your productfeed behind.

Optimize Every Single Bid with Predictive Bidding

Identify the sales potential of all your products with the help of a predictive algorithm. Unravel your long tail opportunities!

Advanced Bid Strategies for Better Flexibility

Use Advanced Bid Strategies to control the bidding of different inventory parts - and apply your custom strategy.

At a Glance:
Your Shopping Dashboard

Adapt Your Strategy in a Second

Change your general bid strategy with a single click - adjusting the performance to your Google Shopping goals was never easier.

All Your Shopping Data in One Place

Stay up to date with the latest Shopping performance in a single overview. All KPIs on one screen.

What Do You Need to Start with Whoop!

Active Google AdWords Account Merchant Center with valid products & Google AdWords conversion tracking.

For the best results - minimum 30 conversions in the last 2 months

Why Customers Rely on Us

We love our customers and our customers love Whoop!


Whoop! is developed and supported by Smarter Ecommerce, specialists in PPC automation since 2007. We currently manage more than $100 million in media budget for retailers and agencies all over the world. More customers choose Whoop! every day, which continually sharpens our skills and also keeps us fit and fresh.


Taken together, Whoop!'s team is the product of decades of continuous learning, attentive work, and measurable successes within the ecommerce and PPC fields. Whoop! was born out of this competence and diligence, and it is the first and only tool developed specifically for Google Shopping.


Our Customer Success team genuinely loves to answer your questions and share our expertise, so don’t be shy. We know your pains and can truly empathize with you - and better yet, we have the solutions you need. Working side-by-side with our customers is a privilege, not an obligation!

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