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Mobile Shopping

This event tackles the M-Commerce challenges of the here and now, as well as prepares organisations to overcome the hurdles and exploit the opportunities of the future.
And Whoop! will be there.

February 08-09, 2017 - London, UK


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Whoop! at Mobile Shopping

The Mobile Shopping is an essential date in the calendar for all retailers focussed on mobile. The right mix of cutting-edge deep-dive practical sessions giving you a wealth of tangible changes you can make at the office the next day to inspire and engage your customers.

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Our Conference Team

Get in touch with our Team and ask all questions about Whoop!

Christian Scharmüller

Head of Sales

Christian is responsible for the strategic customer development. If you are a retailer and interested in trying Whoop!, he is the right guy to talk to.

Mark Haupt

Country Manager UK

Mark is responsible for our business development in UK. If your company or agency is based in the United Kingdom and you are interested in Whoop!, he is the right person to talk to.

Whoop! App showing customer performance

Whoop! at a Glance

Whoop! helps you to automatically build, manage and optimize your Google Shopping Campaigns. Based on a predictive Algorithm, Whoop! enables individual evaluation of your Products.

Save Time And Resources

Automated Ad Creation and optimization - faster and easier than ever before.

Optimise Every Single Bid With Predictive Bidding

Identify the sales potential of all your products with the help of a predictive algorithm. Unravel your long tail opportunities!

Advanced Bid Strategies For Better Flexibility

Use Advanced Bid Strategies to control the bidding of different inventory parts and apply your custom strategy.

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About Mobile Shopping

Learn from the best as 50+ thought provoking speakers representing mobile innovators from Europe’s top retailers challenge your assumptions and spark new ideas

Mobile Shopping

Victoria Park Plaza Hotel
239 Vauxhall Bridge Rd
London SW1V 1EQ
United Kingdom

"Mobile Shopping brings together pioneers for two days of idea sharing. But don’t forget the fun stuff! With its fantastic location in the heart of the city center, our 4-star hotel is the best way to mix business with pleasure. We guarantee you’ll have a good time."