Who We Are

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Our Founders

Jan Radanitsch,
CEO & Founder

“I like our team's attitude of focus on Shopping and no compromise in quality. I am proud to see how much the individual characters of our team have grown in recent years, individually and as a whole. Our worldwide success with Whoop! is based on our strong Adwords-expertise gained over years working with hundreds of customers.”

Christian Gorbach,
CTO & Founder

“A pretty mixed bunch - in the positive sense of the word - that's gathered here at smec. In addition to the personalities and the fair and open communication within the team, it is certainly the mix of e-commerce, online marketing and state of the art software development that makes us quite unique.”

Meet the Management Board

Our management team combines creative, technical and strategic talents. All of them are savvy industry experts, bringing years of experience
into a fast growing company. They cultivate our strong culture and work tirelessly to help our team scale, grow, and succeed.

Reinhard Einwagner,
Product Owner

“It’s great to see how our products have developed over the past years and how they also will be play a role in shaping the future success of our clients. But it’s not about the products that make us successful, it’s about all the people in our company who contribute a never-ending amount of know-how and dedication.”

Christian Scharmüller,
Head of Sales

“I would not believe it if I have not been witness of this tremendous growth. When I started at smec, we were just 7 people, now we are 75 and counting! The best thing about smec is, that we are still a dedicated family of ecommerce addicts and that our rise is solely based on excellence, software-power and honesty.”

Peter Rietzler,
Head of Development

“Developing the Whoop! software, and especially working on the complexity of the associated algorithms and large volumes of data, lets us face new challenges on a daily basis. Combined with an absolute commitment to quality we are always looking for new and better solutions. This simply motivates us and is more than just work. It’s passion!”

Marcel Verhofnik,
Head of Agency

“We are using Whoop! in several hundred AdWords accounts and I really love it. It saves us dozens of working hours every month and our account managers get their heads free for the really important parts of their work - thinking about the overall PPC strategy and new ways to stand out from the competition.”

Meet the Team

Whoop! is lovingly built and maintained by these fine folks. Here are some of them:

Alexander Alexander


Our constantly good-humored Munzi and his team care about the onboarding of new customers and the strategic development of existing customers. Not only in his hobby as a firefighter, but also while eating, he loves it hot. For latter, he even grows the chilies himself.

Florian Florian


Flo is a versatile person: As smec team leader in team Delta he is very organized and cares about team coordination, operational tasks in the PPC area and his customers with dedication. He balances his workday life with playing beach volleyball and climbing mountains.

Birgit Birgit


Birgit has been an Online Marketing Manager at smec since 2011. Through her long-standing experience, it is easy for her to find the best solution for each customer. Birgit is creative, communicative and constantly striving to exploit the full potential of the Internet for her customers. Privately Birgit is very interested in languages and foreign cultures.

Patrick Patrick


Patrick is a Senior Online Marketing Manager at smec and already spend several years in the company. He has a preference for football, techno and as he says himself: Everything connected with eating and drinking. Whether his first gray hairs come from his work? That remains a mystery to us.

Lisa Lisa


As Marketing Engineer at smec Lisa has a lot of work to do: create Google AdWords campaigns as well as continuously monitor and improve performance data. The variety of tasks is one the things fascinating our jock the most about her job. Her free time she spends with various activities like martial arts and hiking.

Marco Marco


Running, soccer, train rides (not voluntarily) - these are activities our MOPS team member Marco pursues beside his technical gadgetry outside the office. Additionally, he is attending a part-time master’s program at the FH Hagenberg to improve his technical knowledge even more - hats off!

Mandela Mandela


Mandela is the calming influence in our office. His hobbies? Cuddling, chewing bones and “searching”. Mandela is currently attending a search dog training and as a search expert, so of course he knows exactly in which drawer his treats are hidden. Woof!

Hüseyin Hüseyin


Hüsi takes care of our customers from Germany and his home country Turkey. Emergency services and rescue dogs work? Even though there is a lot of Whoop! work to be done, Hüsi finds some time for this heroic voluntary activity.

Ali Ali


Ali has the characteristics of a wolf: he's strong, full of power, but also self-sacrificing and helpful. As Sales Manager he is responsible for customers from the UK - in doing so his “wolf characteristics“ help him a lot. In his spare time, Ali is a passionate drummer and likes swimming.

Kristina Kristina


As Channel Sales Manager at Whoop! Kristina mainly takes care of agencies from Germany. She is a very open, cheerful and uncomplicated person and loves indulging her colleagues with her delicious cakes.

Alexander Alexander


Contracts, processes, strategies, price negotiations - sounds complicated? That and the development of partner management are the tasks of our Team Lead for Channel Sales Alex. Outside of his work you can find him doing less complicated things like tennis, go-carting or fitness.

Viljem Viljem


Viljem is the Bavarian in our Content Team. When he is not writing a new blog post or thinking about new ideas for our content area, he also likes to plan events for our company.

Desiree Desiree


Elephants, nature, chocolate - the interests of our Content Manager Daisy are diversified. At Whoop! she prepares print materials, writes blog articles and handles some design tasks. She is the sunshine of the department and provides her colleagues with good mood due to her unexpected laughter.

Peter Peter


As classic full stack developer, Peter is active in the back end as well as in the front end area. Our “Wannabe Rockstar” originates from East Tyrol - which you can easily recognize in his dialect. Maybe that's the reason why we sometimes do not understand him?

Ivan Ivan


Ivan has a passion for web development. He creates codes with love and always tries to improve things. Ivan moved from Bulgaria to Austria for his job at smec. What does he like most about Austria? The “Leberkäse”! In his free time, he loves to watch documentary movies and books about science and space.

Alexandra Alexandra


Alexandra is our fairy godmother. She helps wherever and whenever she can, brings fruits to our departments - so we get at least some vitamins - and repairs our beloved coffee machine. In her leisure time, Alexandra is a passionate photographer, goes hiking and likes to read good books.

Andreas Andreas


Andreas is HR Manager and Organizational Developer at smec. As second pillar, he works part-time as coach and supervisor. When free time remains, he likes to play tennis or volleyball as compensations to his job.

Florian Florian


From Management Assistant of the CEO to HR Specialist - Flo already gained much experience at smec. He is responsible for recruiting, job fairs and administrative tasks. When he is not climbing around the office - yes, seriously - he enjoys reading and mountaineering.

Kevin Kevin


“Design, great UX, Cats and pandas.” Those words get to the point what UI & UX Designer Kevin spends most of his time with. With attention to detail and products, he tries to get the best user experience out of Whoop!. He finds his relaxation with running, good books, movies or series.

Marcel Marcel


Mars is our graphic designer. We are always amazed that he still has new and awesome ideas for his graphics after such a long time at smec. In his free time, he likes to collect and paint miniatures. The most important fact about mars? He really LOVES fishing.

Christopher Christopher


Christopher was the first Customer Service Manager at Whoop!. He has high know-how regarding the use of Whoop! and Google Shopping. Even on stressful days, our tattoo lover tries to share his knowledge with his colleagues. At home, he enjoys doing different sports, going to concerts and tattooing - if he finds a part of his body which is not tattooed yet.

Anna Anna


Anna is the only girl in the Customer Success Team. Together with her male colleagues, she assists customers from sign ups to trials and handles customer questions. Our globetrotter especially likes music and spending some time in nature.

Martin Martin


When Martin is not sitting at the Barber, our “True Detective” uses his good contacts to put Whoop! on the agenda of large retailers. He likes to spend some cans of “Raubtierbrause” to his colleagues and delivers solid performance with dry humor.

Valentina Valentina


As Assistant of our Head of Sales, Vali is taking care of the leadmanagement, travelling and events. What does she do in her free time? Our cat lover likes baking, reading and going to the cinema as compensation for stressful working days.

Martin Martin


During the day our Team Lead for Direct Sales is responsible for nine team members. Martin always tries to give advice regarding technical, organizational or general issues. In his spare time, Martin is always looking for his next meal and adores American television series. His newest hobby? A motorized two-wheeler.

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