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Budget Eater Script

You want to know more about your Long Tail and Non-Converters?

The Budget Eater Script evaluates the Long Tail and the Non-Converters from the last 30 days. Just add the script to your AdWords account and get your results. The code won’t change anything about your AdWords campaigns, it just analyzes your existing data and provides you with an automatic evaluation.

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Talks and Presentations

Winning Google Shopping on Mobile

In this talk you will learn:

  • Why you should start optimizing for mobile today
  • What is the best use for device modifiers and how you can enhance them
  • How to lower the effort of manual optimization and bid adjustments
  • Why data driven decisions are important for any optimization
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Become A Google Shopping Ninja

In this talk you will learn:

  • How a granular product structure gives marketers more possibilities to optimize their bids
  • How reporting features and custom labels can be used to gain more insights about the campaign performance
  • How bid modifiers can help you to optimize CPC-bids of Shopping Ads in order to take your performance to the next level
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Case Studies


This case study shows you how Whoop! helped baby-walz

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geomix soccer store

This case study shows you that a peak can happen at any time for any product

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Schäfer Shop

This case study shows you, how Whoop! could improve the Google Shopping Campaigns for Schäfer Shop

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How daily automated bid adjustments and Advanced Bid Strategies helped EU-Versandapotheke to solve their problems

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Futterplatz is one of the leading online shops for animal food and pet supplies in Germany

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Before Whoop! was used by Flaconi, a product-centric modulation was nearly impossible and bid adjustments were extremely time consuming

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The Case Study of iProspect shows, how agencies can boost their clients’ business in 30 days

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Customer Checklists

Customer Checklist Part 1

You want to start your Whoop! Trial? This checklist guides you through the first steps before you start the Trial

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Customer Checklist Part 2

Campaign is ready? Here is the checklist for your AdWords account

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More Resources

Whoop! Factsheet

Whoop! is a Bid Management Tool especially designed for Google Shopping. The Factsheet gives you an overview of Whoop! and insights in the experiences of our customers.

  • What is Whoop!?
  • Features that make Whoop! different and special
  • Testimonials and results
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Ebook PPC Adventures

Welcome to the Google Shopping Island! In this Ebook, you can follow Daisy on her way to become a Google Shopping expert. Together with her, you will get through the E-commerce jungle, find out which bidding strategies you can use, how to analyze Google Shopping campaigns and much more. Join the journey!

  • AdWords Fundamentals and Shopping Advertising Exam
  • Google Shopping, E-commerce and PPC basics
  • Best practices and common E-commerce mistakes
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