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Nothing is so powerful, so irrepressible, as an idea whose time has come.
The idea for Whoop! first sprouted in 2014.

Google Shopping was new then, too — still wearing kids' shoes — but the promise of the market was undeniable. Even then we managed the Shopping campaigns of over 50 customers, so we learned quickly and first-hand that the functions of Google Shopping were quite limited, and that optimizing an assortment at the product level was burdensome or flat out impossible.

Low-selling products drove up costs needlessly while potential topsellers often gathered dust. The heads of our agency, Smarter Ecommerce, were highly motivated to solve these problems and had the know-how to pull it off. While there already were some bid management tools on the market, none of them were customized specifically for the needs of Google Shopping users.

We utilized our longstanding experience in PPC management and injected this knowledge into the development of a tool that would give Google Shopping users real added value. A few months later, the time had come: Whoop! was born. At the end of 2014 we tested Whoop! with selected customers from our agency and the results were remarkable. Today, Whoop! manages 200 accounts — and counting.

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We produce one of the most read blogs about Google Shopping.
On our Google Shopping Blog you will find the latest news about Google Shopping, data science, and Ecommerce.

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