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It’s true: No army can stop an idea whose time has come. The idea for Whoop! emerged in 2014. Google Shopping was only one year old and was still in it’s infancy. Already back then we managed the Shopping Campaigns of over 50 customers and we quickly realized, that the functions of Google Shopping are very limited and the optimization on product level is very effortful or simply impossible.

Rarely sold products boosted the costs of the campaigns and the potential of topsellers was often unused. The smart heads of our agency Smarter Ecommerce were motivated to solve those problems. At that time, there already were some bid management tools on the market, but none of them was customized for the needs of Google Shopping Users.

We utilized our longstanding experience in PPC-management and put our know-how in the development of a tool, which gives Google Shopping Users real added value. A few months later, the time had come: Whoop! was born. At the end of 2014 we tested Whoop! with selected customers of our agency and the results were astonishing. Today, Whoop! manages over 200 accounts - rising tendency.

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We run one of the most read blogs about Google Shopping.
On our Google Shopping Blog you find the latest news about Google Shooping, data science and Ecommerce.

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