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32% Revenue Increase
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35% Cost Reduction
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Whoop! is a Bid Management Tool especially designed for Google Shopping. The Factsheet gives you an overview of Whoop! and insights in the experiences of our customers.

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“With Whoop! we are able to save a significant amount of time managing the Google Shopping campaigns for our customers. We also noticed an increase in revenue while at the same time saving costs. Whoop! is able to focus the bidding behaviour on relevant clicks, which is also convincing for our customers. ”

“By using Whoop! we were able to achieve a clear increase in revenue, while at the same time saving costs, which absolutely justifies our use of the tool. Furthermore, we were able to save a significant amount of work hours, especially thanks to such innovative features like the Advanced Bid Strategies.”

“At a webshop with more then 2,000 products and 10 shopping campaigns, a manual management of each bid is not possible anymore. Google does offer an automated bid management, however the Google AdWords Algorithm can’t compete with Whoop!.
The numbers speak for themselves, with Whoop! we were able to double our revenue and we are still going strong.”

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