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PPC automation that works.

We Are Different - We Love to Listen

This is where companies usually talk about their mission and why their work is changing the world (and maybe shaking the heavens, too). Well, we also believe that our work has an enormous impact on the world of E-commerce and PPC. But the earth keeps turning: the market is fluid and always changing. For us, staying fresh and finding success simply means listening to our partners and adapting to meet their needs. Smarter Ecommerce - that's us - has been developing marketing technologies and tailor-made software solutions to overcome the challenges facing our customers & partners since 2007.

Our Core Values

What make us different and what makes us successful


We put love into our work and we embrace challenges. You can feel it. Every obstacle is also an opportunity, something to sink our teeth into, and we have the know-how and backbone to take them on directly. Our eye for detail helps us to continuously improve and, likewise, boosts the performance of our customers.

Agile and Hands-on

Our work unites two highly dynamic and changeable fields: online marketing and software development. Agility and adaptability combined with our expert knowledge of AdWords and Google Shopping allow us to set the pace in this marathon online world. We don't fear progress - we'll reach right into the fire and grab the steel before it cools.


We are open about our business. That holds just as true in our onboarding talks with partners as it does in our conference room. We communicate proactively and are more than happy to share our knowledge. We want our customers to meet or exceed their goals - and we want to help you do the same.

About SMEC

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Sir Winston Churchill

As a Google AdWords Premier Partner, and as experts in online marketing and E-commerce, we are highly qualified to assist you in developing and optimizing your digital business practices for concrete, measurable gains. With our focused, best-in-class software solutions, we help marketers and retailers all over the world to thrive in the hyper-competitive online ecosystem.

The AdEngine is an internationally award-winning software and managed service for dynamic, lively text ads. Based on the provided data (feeds, spreadsheets, etc.) campaigns are generated and controlled by business rules customized to your needs. Marketing automation at its finest!

Whoop! is the first bid management software designed specifically for Google Shopping. It unlocks the full potential of your Shopping Campaigns. Whoop! builds product-specific campaign structures, automatically sets optimized CPC bids, and makes the management of Google Shopping campaigns a breeze.

Our Journey So Far


PPC Automation

Jan Radanitsch (CEO) and Christian Gorbach (CTO) recognized the huge potential of PPC automation - an idea born from their combined expertise in software development and E-commerce.

Founding of smec

Jan Radanitsch (CEO) and Christian Gorbach (CTO) founded Smarter Ecommerce GmbH (smec) in Linz, Austria. First office: the old bedroom of our CTO Christian’s sons. Add a phone, and presto!


First financing

The IT incubator tech2b supported smec with start-up money, while the Austrian wirtschaftsservice was also quick to support the R&D process with funding.

First full-time engineer

Our founders were bolstered by the addition of our first software developer: Peter Rietzler, who today is Head of Development.


Moving into a brand new office

By now, 8 people were working at smec, so it was time to move into a bigger office. So long, kids' room!

Our Head of Product Development started

Reinhard Einwagner joined smec and is still with us today.

Marketing Automation

The first step towards marketing automation: automatically generated Text Ads. Say hello to the AdEngine!


AdWords Certification

smec was one of the first companies to be completely AdWords certified. Now, all of our employees must be AdWords experts - from the developers to the marketing team.


Luzid - Data Visualization App

Luzid is an intuitive, browser-based app for the real-time visualization of business data streams.


smec Reporter

smec launched the PPC Reporter, which allows detailed insights into Google AdWords accounts by means of an intuitive user interface. Infographics that are both comprehensive and precise allow users to examine their campaigns more clearly than ever. And smec Reporter is free to use!


Another milestone: 30 people and no elbow room.

With 30 PPC and IT professionals working at smec, it was getting crowded. This called for a fancy new office! (Including mandatory foosball table)

Ahead of the curve: the first big setback

We learned the hard way that our technology was ahead of the market itself, and that most retailers were not ready for PPC automation. This meant we needed to refocus on more traditional agency services and internally evaluate which of our software solutions had market fit and therefore merited ongoing development.

Google Partner Program

We became an official Google Partner.


The market caught up and demand skyrocketed for automated solutions surrounding Google Shopping

Our steadily growing customer base was dissatisfied with existing Google Shopping solutions. We doubled our R&D efforts in machine learning and data science. The result was a promising prototype for an automated bid management tool specifically designed for Google Shopping.

A star is born: Bid Management for Google Shopping

After prototyping, we built a minimal product - no fancy UI, just a muscular algorithm. A first round customers tested it and they were giddy with excitement - a sure sign of market fit.


A warm welcome for Whoop!

We crafted an intuitive dashboard to complement the algorithm - and created one of the most successful SaaS tools for Google Shopping. But what to call it? Bearing in mind Steve Jobs' motto, “Think different,” we decided on the name Whoop!


Whoop! goes international

After a successful year in our own neighborhood (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Whoop! went global, signing on new customers in the USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Poland, and France. Whoop! is used in 19 of the 23 Google Shopping countries.

The in-crowd

At this time we had 70 people from 10 different countries working at smec.

Google Premier Partner

We are now officially a Google Premier Partner!


We need more space... again!

We are relocating to a hotspot of the creative industry: Tabakfabrik in the heart of Linz.


Our team has passed the megic threshold of 100+ enthusiastic PPC mavens and software gurus - with no signs of slowing down.

More languages in Whoop!

The Whoop! dashboard will be available in many new languages to make our customers feel at home.

We're here for you!

Feel free to contact us - or grab a cup of coffee with us next time you’re in the beautiful city of Linz.

We are headquartered in the heart of Linz, Austria, alongside the beautiful Danube.

Smarter Ecommerce GmbH
Peter-Behrens-Platz 9
4020 Linz, Austria
+43 732 99 70 02

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