About Us

PPC automation that works.

We Are Different - We Are Good Listeners

Usually, this is the place where companies are talking about their mission and why their work is changing the world. Well, we also believe our work has an enormous impact on the E-commerce and PPC world. But things are moving fast, and one reason why we are successful is: Listening. We’ve just listened to the people’s needs. We, Smarter Ecommerce, are developing marketing technologies since 2007.

Our Core Values

Why we are different and what makes us so successful


We put love into our work and we take on challenges. You can feel it. Every challenge is an opportunity and we have the knowledge to solve them. Attention to detail improves our daily work and influences the performance of our customers.

Agile and Hands-on

We combine two worlds: Agile Marketing and Software Development. With our incredible in-depth know-how of AdWords, Google Shopping and Software Development we are prepared for a fast-moving online world. We don't fear progress and often need to hit a hot topic. That's exactly what we like to do.


We talk openly with our customers about our work. Internally and externally. Therefore, open communication and sharing our knowledge is one of our professions. We help our customers succeed in their business - and we can do the same for your business.

About SMEC

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Sir Winston Churchill

As a hands-on Premier Partner for Google AdWords, SEO & E-commerce Consulting, we assist you in developing, improving and establishing your digital sales. With our hand-crafted software solutions, marketers and retailers all over the world grow their business.

The AdEngine is an international award-winning software and managed service for hyper dynamic text ads. Based on the provided data (feeds, database, spreadsheets, etc.) campaigns are generated and controlled by pre-defined business rules. Marketing automation at its finest!

Whoop! is the first bid management software, especially designed for Google Shopping and unlocks the full potential of your Shopping Campaigns. It builds product-specific campaign structures, sets automatically optimized CPC-bids and makes the management of Google Shopping Campaigns mere child’s play.

Our Journey So Far


PPC Automation

The idea of PPC automation was born. Jan Radanitsch (CEO) and Christian Gorbach (CTO) saw a huge potential for PPC automation and combined their technical and economical experience

Our founders launched smec

Jan Radanitsch (CEO) and Christian Gorbach (CTO) founded the Smarter Ecommerce GmbH (smec) in Linz, Austria. First office: the room of our CTO’s children. Including a brand new landline!


First fundings

The IT incubator tech2b supports smec with a first funding. Also the Austrian wirtschaftsservice supports the Research and Development with another funding.

First full-time engineer

Next to the founders, the first software engineer was hired: Our today's Head of Development Peter Rietzler.


Moving into a brand new office

8 people are working at smec and it was time to move into a bigger office. Good Bye Kids room!

Our Head of Product Development started

Reinhard Einwagner joined smec.

PPC Automation

The first steps for automated Text Ads were made. Say Hello to the AdEngine!


AdWords Certification

As one of the first companies, smec was fully AdWords certified.


Luzid - Data Visualisation App

Luzid is an intuitive, browser-based, real time data visualisation App for business data streams.


smec Reporter

smec started the PPC Reporter, which allowed deep data insights into Google AdWords accounts including an intuitive user interface. Free for all Google advertisers!


The next step: 30 people need more space.

Already 30 PPC and IT professionals working at smec. A new fancy office (including Table Soccer) is needed!

Ahead of the times: the big breakdown

We realized that our technology is ahead of the times and that the market is not ready for PPC automation. This means, a better focus on the classical agency business.

Google Partner Program

We became an official Google Partner.


Customers demand PPC automation for Google Shopping

We already had a huge customer base and they were not satisfied with current Google Shopping solutions. We put more effort into data science and spent a lot of time in R&D. The result was a first prototype for a bid management tool especially designed for Google Shopping

A new rising star was born: Bid Management for Google Shopping

After prototyping we built a minimal product - without a fancy UI. The first friendly customers are testing with our prototype and were completely excited.


A warm welcome for Whoop!

We crafted a UI for the already working backend - and created one of the most successful SaaS tool for Google Shopping. Now we needed a name. Steve Jobs coined the term “Think different”. The name Whoop! was born.


Whoop! goes international

After a successful year at our domestic market (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Whoop! went international boarding on new customers in the USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Poland and France.

It’s getting crowded

Already 70 people from 10 different countries working at smec.

Google Premier Partner

We are now official Google Premier Partner!


We need more space!

We will move to one hotspot of the cultural industries. We’re looking forward to the Tabakfabrik in Linz.

Growth, growth, growth

Our team will grow up to 100+ enthusiastic PPC Marketers and Software Crafters.

More languages in Whoop!

Whoop! and our website will be available in many new languages.

Get in Touch with Us

Feel free to contact us - or visit us for a cup of coffee if you’re nearby the beautiful city of Linz.

Our headquarter is based in the heart of Linz, Austria, next to the beautiful Danube.

Smarter Ecommerce GmbH
Spittelwiese 15
4020 Linz, Austria
+43 732 99 70 02

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